Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Reedy River Run

A couple of weeks ago our family went to Greenville to participate in the Reedy River Run (5K). Kevin and I did the 5K and Kate Elizabeth and Will participated in the Kids Fun Run. We had such a great time! Some friends of ours, Kristen and Trevor Jones, also participated and their son David ran the Fun Run as well.

Although I struggled somewhat during the run, I have Kristen and my hubby to thank for seeing to it that I continued to run until I past the finish line. I made really good time, considering I had a baby just 3 months ago. What was so sweet was that Kristen and I saw Kevin waiting on me about half a mile before the finish line and I assumed that he finished and then came back to see me, but no...he stopped right there until he saw me coming and he, too, ran across the finish line with me! What a sweet hubby!!!! I just love him!!!

Kate Elizabeth and Will did an awesome job at their run! They both had smiles on their faces the entire time. Their Daddy ran with them. Kate and Will each received a medal for completing the run. We were so proud of them, as they were of themselves. It was a beautiful day and a really fun time together. We hope this is just one of many runs that we will participate in as a family!

Daddy running with Will and Kate Elizabeth. He
started out holding their hands and then they broke free
and ran their little hearts out.
Kate Elizabeth is proud of her very
first running medal.
Will sporting his first medal as he reenergizes
while eating his lunch.

Palmer at her Grammey's house before we
left. Since Palmer was not old enough to run,
she played at Grammey's house until we
got home. We missed you sweet girl!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Southern Snow at Last!

Finally, a good southern snow! Boy have we had fun this morning! As soon as everyone got up and we gave "the new baby" her bottle and laid her down for her morning nap, we all got dressed for the snow. Since we don't get snow very often, we searched high and low for hats, mittens, etc... but we managed...well, all except Palmer. Kevin was left to get her dressed while Katybug, Will and I ran out in the snow. When Palmer finally made it out, she was crying histerically because Kevin had put her in Will's skull and cross bones sweatshirt and Will's crocs. She said she didn't look pretty and that she was too cold. Needless to say, we all out lasted her in the snow. We had a good snowball fight and built a mountain instead of a snowman becuase the snow just wouldn't stick together good. We then all came in for some yummy snow cream. My family used to make snowcream every time it snowed when I was little and it is such a good memory of mine. So I taught Katybug and Palmer how to make snowcream. It was um, um, good!! Memories!
Katybug and Will about to enjoy the snow!
They were so excited!
Let's make a snow angel!
Will climbing the snow hill next door.
Will taking a break from all the fun!
Palmer just wasn't a happy camper.
Kevin enjoying a snowball fight with the kids!
Will working on getting Daddy back!
Katybug and Daddy building their snow mountain.

The girls making snow cream.

Palmer decides to smile! Snow cream can work wonders!

Mimi's birthday party!

Kevin's mother's birthday was in January and all the family came over to our house to celebrate. It was a great time! After eating lunch and having the party, all the kids played outside the rest of the day while Kevin and his dad and brother-in-law worked on putting together our basketball goal. It was a beautiful day!
All the cousins blowing out the candles with Mimi!
Except Colemann, she was taking a nap.
Palmer rocking her baby to sleep.
Palmer and Maggie strolling the baby doll.
Palmer being a mother hen to the baby.
Will "4-wheeling" it!

Will the Bedtime Warrior/Cowboy

Will was supposed to be in his room getting ready for bed. We knew he had been gone for longer than usual and we just thought maybe he was in his bed "reading". All we knew was that things were quiet and that was a good thing. However, about 15 minutes later he came around the corner of our room dressed like this and looked at us and said in his sweet, funny voice, "Wanna fight?". We may should have gotten on to him about not doing what we asked, but how could we?? He looked so hilarious and just made us smile. One day we will look back and wish he was still doing things like that. He is our buddy and we are so blessed to have him! We just never know what he will say or do! We love you Willbill!

Notice the Pajamas underneath all the bling!
He was on the right track, but apparantly got a little distracted!

What a dude!!

Kate Elizabeth singing at AMRBC

The Kindergarten and 1st grade choir at AMRBC.

Kate Elizabeth peeking from behind Jonathan.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Colemann - 7 weeks old

Colemann is 7 weeks old today. Here a just a few pictures of her from today and yesterday. It's like she's growing right before our very eyes!
Going to visit some friends.
Snuggled up and off to see my big Sister
recieve Terrific Kid.
Goodness gracious, what a cute little snuggle bunny!


Kate Elizabeth received Terrific Kid for her class for this 6 weeks. Her teacher wrote a letter to explain why she chose Kate for Terrific Kid. We were soo proud of her! Kevin and I (actually the whole gang) went to see her be recognized on the school news program for her accomplishement. We are so proud of you Bug!
Kate Elizabeth - Terrific Kid of the six weeks!
What a proud Daddy!
Katybug standing in line for the school news.

Telephone milestone...

Katybug received her first phone call from a friend this past weekend. It was right before Will's birthday party and a little girl, Leah, from her basketball team called her. I was shocked! I let her talk for a couple of minutes, although it really didn't seem like they had a lot to talk about. :) Nonetheless, you can tell by the picture that Kate Elizabeth thought she was very "big girl" for receiving this phone call. I don't think we are ready for this!!

Kate and her very 1st phone call!

Will's 5 year old Birthday Bash!

Our Will has never wanted a big birthday party until this year. It's not that we didn't want to give him one, but he has just always said "I don't want a party." So to keep with his wish I have never stressed over giving him one. However, this year, he said he wanted to have a party for he and his friends. We told him to pick a place and a theme, that this was his big day. He chose to have his party at his house and his theme was Transformers. Will was beside himself! He kept saying during the days leading up to his party, "Mommy, I am SO excited about my birthday party"! We could tell that he truly couldn't wait! When another mother asked him what he would like for his birthday, he told her that he wanted the Transformer that makes pancakes.
I quickly told him that he already had that Transformer, that that Transformer was HIS MOM! :) His party was lots of fun!! I can't believe he's 5!!!!!

Let's have a wrestling match!!
Look at Will and Ty taking them down!

Oh what fun!

Will blowing out the candles!

Will is so happy!
Will and Zoe! His 4K friend from
Mrs. Leigh's class.
Let's eat cake!

Palmer is clean - but not for long!

Will opening gifts.

Palmer was very frustrated that she
couldn't find a toy phone that she said
she "needed". She had had enough!

Our little basketball players

Daddy, Katybug and Will were headed out to their Upward basketball games this past Satruday morning while I stayed home to prepare for Will's birthday party. Kevin coaches both Katybug and Will's basketball teams. Kevin really enjoys it, as he was a basketball star himself in highschool. The kids are enjoying their first experience with basketball!

Daddy and coach with the kids!

Katybug and Will. Of course
Will would rather make a funny
face than smile!

Kate Elizabeth loves to pose
for the camera!

Friday, January 23, 2009

For a moment I thought we had turned into "The Griswald's"

Okay, so call us The Griswalds! I have been telling my most adorable, most precious husband, to "PLEASE take our Christmas tree out of the house". I have been telling him that since the day after Christmas might I add. However, over the weeks (or month) I have said, "Please remove the DEAD Christmas tree from our den!" Not only have I been tired of seeing it in our den, but hello...we are nearing Valentine's day aren't we!?! Anyway, seeing that we are having Will's birthday party at our house tomorrow, he finally deems it necessary to get rid of the tree. So here we are the night of Jan. 23rd, the night before Will's party, trying to figure out how we are going to get this VERY dead, VERY tall (11 and a half feet), and VERY heavy tree out of our house. Okay, so the tree is now out, and so is my husband...just kidding! Anyway, I have attached a few pictures of this event (it was indeed an event). The whole family was in on this mess! It's pretty bad when your 6 year old says, "Hey Dad, why are you taking the Christmas tree out?" I's like it had become a permanent fixture!
I don't know which was more frustrating
for Kevin, the tree or his wife directing
his every move!?!
Was Will helping or...was he in the way?
I don't know, let's ask Kevin, well...let's not!
Over the deck it goes! Will says that "Now the rabbits
have a nice, warm place to live. "
Will being a very big helper! What a good boy!

It's fun to get messy!

Mommy and Palmer went to Spartan Bakery to order a cake for Will's birthday. As we were leaving the employee asked Palmer if she would like a cookie. I guess he noticed Palmer "drooling" over the cookies in the glass and noticed her mean mommy wouldn't buy her one. :) Anyway, of course she took him up on his offer and what do ya know...she didn't just pick out a single cookie, but she chose the BIGGEST double doozie they had! She enjoyed her cookie to say the least!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking back...Baby Colemann's "birthday"

For the sake of "our book" I am posting some pictures of Colemann's birth. She came pretty quickly, arriving at 11:33am the morning of December 10th. The Harrison siblings visited first and then the cousins came to visit her, all after Kate Elizabeth got out of school that day. Everyone was so happy that she was finally here. They each had a chance to hold her and give her their first kisses. It was amazing how Palmer and Will were both so gentle with her. Will said so many sweet things "just to her". It was like no one else was in the room with him while he was holding her. He is such an amazing big brother! Kate Elizabeth took on the "mommy"role. She is truly a big help, but we just have to keep our eyes on her if you know what I mean! From the beginning the children have called baby Colemann "the new baby". That is their name for her and it hasn't changed yet. That is ALWAYS how Will and Palmer refer to her (i.e. "Where's the new baby?" "Can I hold the new baby?" "Hey new baby!"). Everyone agrees that Colemann is a
Mommy and Daddy with our 4th bundle of joy!
The siblings arrive to meet their new sister. They
are all so excited to hold her!
Palmer "thinks" she is holding the new baby.
Will is learning how to hold his baby sister.
Will and Colemann
Big sister Katybug with baby Colemann. She is soo proud!
What a blessing they are!!
Alyce Colemann Harrison
A blessing indeed!!