Friday, January 23, 2009

For a moment I thought we had turned into "The Griswald's"

Okay, so call us The Griswalds! I have been telling my most adorable, most precious husband, to "PLEASE take our Christmas tree out of the house". I have been telling him that since the day after Christmas might I add. However, over the weeks (or month) I have said, "Please remove the DEAD Christmas tree from our den!" Not only have I been tired of seeing it in our den, but hello...we are nearing Valentine's day aren't we!?! Anyway, seeing that we are having Will's birthday party at our house tomorrow, he finally deems it necessary to get rid of the tree. So here we are the night of Jan. 23rd, the night before Will's party, trying to figure out how we are going to get this VERY dead, VERY tall (11 and a half feet), and VERY heavy tree out of our house. Okay, so the tree is now out, and so is my husband...just kidding! Anyway, I have attached a few pictures of this event (it was indeed an event). The whole family was in on this mess! It's pretty bad when your 6 year old says, "Hey Dad, why are you taking the Christmas tree out?" I's like it had become a permanent fixture!
I don't know which was more frustrating
for Kevin, the tree or his wife directing
his every move!?!
Was Will helping or...was he in the way?
I don't know, let's ask Kevin, well...let's not!
Over the deck it goes! Will says that "Now the rabbits
have a nice, warm place to live. "
Will being a very big helper! What a good boy!

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  1. Hey Susan great to see you blogging... I must admit our tree is still up too... I hate to take it down... but maybe today will be the day.. we just need to do it... glad to see someone else still had theirs up also.