Monday, March 2, 2009

Will the Bedtime Warrior/Cowboy

Will was supposed to be in his room getting ready for bed. We knew he had been gone for longer than usual and we just thought maybe he was in his bed "reading". All we knew was that things were quiet and that was a good thing. However, about 15 minutes later he came around the corner of our room dressed like this and looked at us and said in his sweet, funny voice, "Wanna fight?". We may should have gotten on to him about not doing what we asked, but how could we?? He looked so hilarious and just made us smile. One day we will look back and wish he was still doing things like that. He is our buddy and we are so blessed to have him! We just never know what he will say or do! We love you Willbill!

Notice the Pajamas underneath all the bling!
He was on the right track, but apparantly got a little distracted!

What a dude!!

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