Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking back...Baby Colemann's "birthday"

For the sake of "our book" I am posting some pictures of Colemann's birth. She came pretty quickly, arriving at 11:33am the morning of December 10th. The Harrison siblings visited first and then the cousins came to visit her, all after Kate Elizabeth got out of school that day. Everyone was so happy that she was finally here. They each had a chance to hold her and give her their first kisses. It was amazing how Palmer and Will were both so gentle with her. Will said so many sweet things "just to her". It was like no one else was in the room with him while he was holding her. He is such an amazing big brother! Kate Elizabeth took on the "mommy"role. She is truly a big help, but we just have to keep our eyes on her if you know what I mean! From the beginning the children have called baby Colemann "the new baby". That is their name for her and it hasn't changed yet. That is ALWAYS how Will and Palmer refer to her (i.e. "Where's the new baby?" "Can I hold the new baby?" "Hey new baby!"). Everyone agrees that Colemann is a
Mommy and Daddy with our 4th bundle of joy!
The siblings arrive to meet their new sister. They
are all so excited to hold her!
Palmer "thinks" she is holding the new baby.
Will is learning how to hold his baby sister.
Will and Colemann
Big sister Katybug with baby Colemann. She is soo proud!
What a blessing they are!!
Alyce Colemann Harrison
A blessing indeed!!


  1. She is so beautiful...I can't wait for Payne to be a big brother someday! Your kids are so sweet with her!

  2. How sweet that they call her the "new baby"! Can't wait to see Palmer at school!! I miss her:)