Monday, March 2, 2009

A Southern Snow at Last!

Finally, a good southern snow! Boy have we had fun this morning! As soon as everyone got up and we gave "the new baby" her bottle and laid her down for her morning nap, we all got dressed for the snow. Since we don't get snow very often, we searched high and low for hats, mittens, etc... but we managed...well, all except Palmer. Kevin was left to get her dressed while Katybug, Will and I ran out in the snow. When Palmer finally made it out, she was crying histerically because Kevin had put her in Will's skull and cross bones sweatshirt and Will's crocs. She said she didn't look pretty and that she was too cold. Needless to say, we all out lasted her in the snow. We had a good snowball fight and built a mountain instead of a snowman becuase the snow just wouldn't stick together good. We then all came in for some yummy snow cream. My family used to make snowcream every time it snowed when I was little and it is such a good memory of mine. So I taught Katybug and Palmer how to make snowcream. It was um, um, good!! Memories!
Katybug and Will about to enjoy the snow!
They were so excited!
Let's make a snow angel!
Will climbing the snow hill next door.
Will taking a break from all the fun!
Palmer just wasn't a happy camper.
Kevin enjoying a snowball fight with the kids!
Will working on getting Daddy back!
Katybug and Daddy building their snow mountain.

The girls making snow cream.

Palmer decides to smile! Snow cream can work wonders!


  1. My kids loved the snow too! You should see our attempt at a snowman.

  2. Aww everyone looks so cute out in the snow! I'm thinking school might be out tomorrow too:)

  3. Palmer looks much happier inside - Ella Kate wasn't much on the cold snow either - 10 minutes at a time were about her limit! :)
    I love Will's boots!!! Poor Jake didn't have anything but old tennis shoes with a hole in the toe that collected snow! :)
    Glad you guys had fun in the snow!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. It's so much fun, isn't it? Glad ya'll had fun...and we get another day off of school!

  6. How cute! Give Palmer another year and she will be ready. It is so funny how we were all not expecting this and grabbing all we could find for make-shift snow attire. They are precious!

  7. How fun! Looks like everyone had a great time (except maybe Palmer)!

    We enjoyed some snow cream my kids want more and I just can't supply it. They don't understand that you have to get it when the snow is nice and white, not yucky and muddy! I guess I started something I shouldn't have!

    Fun times!

  8. What cute kids!!!! Looks like yall had a fun snowday!!