Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will's 5 year old Birthday Bash!

Our Will has never wanted a big birthday party until this year. It's not that we didn't want to give him one, but he has just always said "I don't want a party." So to keep with his wish I have never stressed over giving him one. However, this year, he said he wanted to have a party for he and his friends. We told him to pick a place and a theme, that this was his big day. He chose to have his party at his house and his theme was Transformers. Will was beside himself! He kept saying during the days leading up to his party, "Mommy, I am SO excited about my birthday party"! We could tell that he truly couldn't wait! When another mother asked him what he would like for his birthday, he told her that he wanted the Transformer that makes pancakes.
I quickly told him that he already had that Transformer, that that Transformer was HIS MOM! :) His party was lots of fun!! I can't believe he's 5!!!!!

Let's have a wrestling match!!
Look at Will and Ty taking them down!

Oh what fun!

Will blowing out the candles!

Will is so happy!
Will and Zoe! His 4K friend from
Mrs. Leigh's class.
Let's eat cake!

Palmer is clean - but not for long!

Will opening gifts.

Palmer was very frustrated that she
couldn't find a toy phone that she said
she "needed". She had had enough!


  1. Will looks like he had a blast. I can't believe there're 5 already. It just seems like yesterday they were all so little in Cassidy's class.

  2. Looks like Will had a great birthday party! I asked him about it at choir and he told me he had so much fun on the "octopus" course!